I have already released PWCT 1.9 (Art) Rev. 2014.11.12

In this update, the IntelliSense feature will work across all of the project files (*.ssf) in the same folder
This helps a lot to work faster and generate new steps quickly
To make a balance between the advantages of this powerful feature and the performance, the intellisense information will be cached in a file called pwct_project.isense
This file will be refreshed one time every day when you modify your project
Also you can do an urgent refresh if you want the changes in other files in the project to be directly reflected in the current file when you use the IntelliSense feature

The next screen shot presents the use of this feature in a project that I'm working on
using CPWCT during the last 15 months

Changed : creating new file, default name is not upper case
Changed : Goal Designer, when we edit the step name, two spaces are added
Fixed : A problem in config files processing when we change the batch file that build the application
Fixed : After Generating code, when closing PWCT, the user is asked to save changes!
Added : CPWCT : component : Code Block

HarbourPWCT - New Samples :-
1 - HarbourPWCT_CopyArray.zip
2 - HarbourPWCT_GridAddColumn.zip
3 - HarbourPWCT_ReturnToFirstDayofMonth.zip by Khalid Abid


I have already released PWCT 1.9 (Art) Rev. 2014.11.05

HarbourPWCT - New Samples :-

1 - HarbourPWCT_NotifyMenu.zip
2 - HarbourPWCT_TabEnableDisable.zip
3 - HarbourPWCT_LongString.zip
4 - HarbourPWCT_DiskSpace.zip
5 - HarbourPWCT_Processes.zip
6 - HarbourPWCT_ComboxFunctionArray2Combo.zip
7 - HarbourPWCT_SigningOutAndShutdown.zip

Goal Designer :-

Two options are added to the short-cut menu
1 - open command line window
2 - open *.ssf file in new window


1 - Changed : PWCT:MERGENEXTTOPREV will remove tabs from next line before merging
2 - Added : PWCT:NEWLINE add new line
3 - Fixed : runtime error when using refresh components while the component is not found
5 - Fixed : Runtime error when modifying a step generated from a component that doesn't exit

CPWCT - New components and Changes

1 - Fixed : printvariable component was missing from PWCT setup
2 - Updated : case component (break checkbox)
3 - Update : memory allocation component now allow a special cast
4 - Changed : control structure components add { after the condition (no new line is added)
5 - new domain in CPWCT called : Basic data types

6 - New components (int, char, float, double, void *, short, long, unsigned, signed char, unsigned char, unsigned short, unsigned, long double)


I have already released PWCT 1.9 (Art) Rev. 2014.09.30

This is a little update

Fixed : A bug in the form designer introduced in the last update (4 days ago). when the user open the form designer then
select a control, click modify or double click to open the interaction page, then click ok or cancel, the user return to the
goal designer instead of the form designer, also the goal designer window will not be active and the user can't do
anything expect closing PWCT, bug reported by Wassem Salem Almofty

Fixed : Another bug in the form designer introduced in the last 6 months when we switched the PWCT folder to
C:\PWCT19 or any folder selected by the user, when the user open old *.SSF files created in old versions then open
the form designer, open interaction page from the form designer, modify control properties, click ok, the
changes will not be reflected in the form designer window.


I have already released PWCT 1.9 (Art) Rev. 2014.09.26

New Samples

WebPWCT.zip : Example about creating new components that wraps HTML
WebPWCT_Sample.zip : HTML webpage created using WebPWCT


* Generating source code files will not open the files using the Notepad.
* Goal Viewer window - default state is Maximized
* Checking news will be now, one time at PWCT startup.
* ADO SET/GET Field values , now provide optional alltrim to the field name, In the previous releases, this was automatic, but sometimes we need to avoid this feature to write the field name as number instead of string.
* CPWCT - Wait Key component - getch() changed to getchar()
* Goal Designer, saving *.ssf files will not change file name to UPPER case


* Goal Designer - Step Code Enabled Status will respond now directly to the Syntax Directed Editor status (ON/OFF)
* Transporter Designer - Matching sometimes don't display the interaction page variables
* Components Browser - Search Line will not display false warning about missing rules files.
* New Interactions, Modify, Delete steps will set the correct status of move up/move down buttons.
* Using Get Folder prevent building the application and generating EXE files
* The Component Define Class Method doesn't display the correct class name after clicking Again button
* The Time Machine - Automatic Documentation - Generate Images in old Path C:\SSBUILD instead of C:\PWCT19
* Domain Tree - we can't move up/down the new domain until we close the window then open it again.