I have already released PWCT 1.9 (Art) Rev. 2013.06.18

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1 - PWCT can open TRF, IDF & ISF Files at startup

2 - PWCT Installer/Setup will register SSF, TRF, IDF & ISF to be opened by PWCT

3 - New Sample/Project : Smart POS By Mahmoud Mohamed Hassan

4 - Create New VPL tutorials added to tutorials manager
* Starting new VPL project
* Creating, Installing & Using your first component
* Adding Interaction pages to your component
* Using the Interaction Pages Generator
* Adding Checkbox to Interaction pages
* Take decision if the checkbox value is FALSE
* Writing code mask to generate a steps and substeps (Determine the step parent)
* Adding Listbox to Interaction pages
* Adding TABs to the generated source code
* Using Variables in the Code Mask
* Generate steps in different locations in the steps tree
* Writing the Code Mask and the Rules inside the Transporter Designer
* Rapid components development

5 - Sample : PWCT_NewVPL (used as a start to create new VPL - see the first tutorial (Starting new VPL project) for more details


Free open source project for sales management developed using Programming Without Coding Technology (PWCT).
Developer : Mahmoud Mohamed Hassan

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I have already released PWCT 1.9 (Art) Rev. 2013.06.12

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[1] Fixed Errors

1 - Sometimes PWCT fail to run the application after building and generating the EXE file
2 - Sometimes PWCT don't respond when the user close it
3 - Error when using ADO (ActiveX Data Object) in console application

[2] New Samples will be downloaded by the Samples Manager


[3] New Components
1 - Sine
2 - Cosine
3 - Degree to Radiant
4 - Radiant to Degree
5 - Tangent
6 - Cotangent
7 - Arcus sine
8 - Arcus cosine
9 - Arcus tangent
10 - Hyperbolic Sine
11 - Hyperbolic Cosine
12 - Hyperbolic Tangent
13 - Base64 Encode
14 - Base64 Decode

[4] New features in the environment

1 - Interaction pages generator will determine the name of the interaction page file (*.IDF) and the name of the transporter File (*.TRF) and will create both of them. the created transporter file will create a link to the interaction page
2 - Interaction pages generator contains 2 buttons to quickly open the interaction page file or the transporter file
3 - from the transporter designer you can quickly open the interaction page file
4 - in the transporter designer you will find a button called install component which will open the install component window and set the component file to the opened TRF file
5 - when you write the code mask , using right click you will see all of the commands in the menu to quickly insert the command
6 - From the (reinstall component window) or (uninstall component window) where you browse the domain tree and components , you can select a component then click open to goto the transpoter designer and open it quickly
7 - Automatic Matching
8 - when you write the rules , using right click you will see all of the commands in the menu to quickly insert the command


Sample : Search in RichEditbox

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