I have already released PWCT 1.9 (Art) Rev. 2013.09.15

New movies

1 - Convert from numeric to string
2 - The Again button
3 - Creating console application
4 - Sum two numbers
5 - Creating more than one window
6 - The Syntax Directed Editor and the VPL Compiler

New samples

1 - Print form
2 - Save images to database


1 - when you generate more than one file from the visual source file if the first file is empty it will be ignored
2 - when you open the form designer if now windows inside the visual source file, you will get a message and no window will appears
3 - Syntax Directed Editor status is now saved in the style file and will be restored when you run PWCT.
4 - The help menu contains now links to Forum, Group, Page & Blog.


1 - When the visual source file contains more than one (Component CG Output File) All of the generated source files will be opened, and not just the main file.
2 - RPWI instructions can now check empty textbox using and
3 - Added
Remove the character from the previous line - this instruction will be executed when the user run the program or generate the final source code file
because the instrcution starts with This will remove the last comma in the previous line inside generated source code file.
We can use this command when we create a component, for example which add enumeration members The component will generate a comma after each memeber
Then remove the last comma because the last member in the enumeration don't need a comma
4 - Fixed : RPWI:TABPUSH AND RPWI:TABPOP inside PWCT:TOFILE doesn't work
5 - Fixed : PWCT:TOFILE inside CPWCT doesn't work
6 - Fixed : RPWI will not change the generated content between < > to uppercase
This change is required to let the programmer determine the case of any content between < and >
because this content is not always a RPWI Variable used only during the code/steps generation process
This content could be HTML tag for example, which will result in the generated source code.


1 - include/define function allow parent general instead of root
2 - batch file delete exe file before building and display errors if any
3 - include default value changed from .h to ".h"
4 - struct name is optional when we select typedef
5 - declare variable type by list is updated to include all types, Also storage classees are added, const, volitile, pointer & initial value
6 - declare array updated to include all types
7 - include list updated to include many header files

CPWCT - New components

1 - Call Function
2 - Return
3 - Block
4 - undef (Preprocessor)
5 - if (Preprocessor)
6 - else if (Preprocessor)
7 - else (preprocessor)
8 - assert (preprocessor)
9 - error (preprocessor)
10- pragma (preprocessor)
11- line (preprocessor)
12- Typedef
13- Code
14- label
15- goto
16- define union
17- define enumeration
18- Enum member
19- Testing a character
20- Mapping a character
21- Mathematics
22- Variable Arguments
23- File Pointer
23- open file - fopen()
24- fprintf()
25- fclose()
26- putc()
27- getc()
28- fgets()
29- fscanf()
30- fwrite()
31- fread()
32- fseek()
33- sprintf()


I have already released PWCT 1.9 (Art) Rev. 2013.06.18

Download Software

1 - PWCT can open TRF, IDF & ISF Files at startup

2 - PWCT Installer/Setup will register SSF, TRF, IDF & ISF to be opened by PWCT

3 - New Sample/Project : Smart POS By Mahmoud Mohamed Hassan

4 - Create New VPL tutorials added to tutorials manager
* Starting new VPL project
* Creating, Installing & Using your first component
* Adding Interaction pages to your component
* Using the Interaction Pages Generator
* Adding Checkbox to Interaction pages
* Take decision if the checkbox value is FALSE
* Writing code mask to generate a steps and substeps (Determine the step parent)
* Adding Listbox to Interaction pages
* Adding TABs to the generated source code
* Using Variables in the Code Mask
* Generate steps in different locations in the steps tree
* Writing the Code Mask and the Rules inside the Transporter Designer
* Rapid components development

5 - Sample : PWCT_NewVPL (used as a start to create new VPL - see the first tutorial (Starting new VPL project) for more details


Free open source project for sales management developed using Programming Without Coding Technology (PWCT).
Developer : Mahmoud Mohamed Hassan

Project Home


I have already released PWCT 1.9 (Art) Rev. 2013.06.12

Download Software

[1] Fixed Errors

1 - Sometimes PWCT fail to run the application after building and generating the EXE file
2 - Sometimes PWCT don't respond when the user close it
3 - Error when using ADO (ActiveX Data Object) in console application

[2] New Samples will be downloaded by the Samples Manager


[3] New Components
1 - Sine
2 - Cosine
3 - Degree to Radiant
4 - Radiant to Degree
5 - Tangent
6 - Cotangent
7 - Arcus sine
8 - Arcus cosine
9 - Arcus tangent
10 - Hyperbolic Sine
11 - Hyperbolic Cosine
12 - Hyperbolic Tangent
13 - Base64 Encode
14 - Base64 Decode

[4] New features in the environment

1 - Interaction pages generator will determine the name of the interaction page file (*.IDF) and the name of the transporter File (*.TRF) and will create both of them. the created transporter file will create a link to the interaction page
2 - Interaction pages generator contains 2 buttons to quickly open the interaction page file or the transporter file
3 - from the transporter designer you can quickly open the interaction page file
4 - in the transporter designer you will find a button called install component which will open the install component window and set the component file to the opened TRF file
5 - when you write the code mask , using right click you will see all of the commands in the menu to quickly insert the command
6 - From the (reinstall component window) or (uninstall component window) where you browse the domain tree and components , you can select a component then click open to goto the transpoter designer and open it quickly
7 - Automatic Matching
8 - when you write the rules , using right click you will see all of the commands in the menu to quickly insert the command