I have already released PWCT 1.9 (Art) Rev. 2015.06.20

Changes in this little update :-

1 - Fixed : CPWCT Components miss files related to Print New Line & Print Variable components

2 - HarbourPWCT - New Samples

* HarbourPWCT_GridValue.zip
* HarbourPWCT_RandomRange.zip
* HarbourPWCT_ComboboxItems2Listbox.zip


I have already released PWCT 1.9 (Art) Rev. 2015.04.28

Changes in this little update :-

1 - Fixed : Goal Designer - Search and Replace Window - The replace operation doesn't
respect the Match Case option like the search operation.

2 - CPWCT : Generate comments (created steps that are not generated) when generating the source code
generated comments will uses the next style
/* comments
** another comment
** more comments

3 - HarbourPWCT - New Samples

* HarbourPWCT_CallProcFromString.zip
* HarbourPWCT_ButtonsAsGridHeader.zip
* HarbourPWCT_CGPA_Calculator.zip by Omar Hasan
* HarbourPWCT_DayMonthText.zip
* HarbourPWCT_SocketApp3.zip


I have already released PWCT 1.9 (Art) Rev. 2015.03.26

1 - Added : New options to the Goal Designer - Shortcut menu
* Open Folder in Windows Explorer
* Open Configuration file (Determine the generated source code file name & the batch file to use in building)
* Expand the Steps Tree
* Collapse the Steps Tree
* Expand this step (include children)
* Collapse this step (include children)

2 - CPWCT - New Component : Memory Reallocation

3 - HarbourPWCT - New Samples
* HarbourPWCT_SocketApp1.zip
* HarbourPWCT_SocketApp2.zip

* HarbourPWCT_OneWindowTwoFiles.zip
* HarbourPWCT_TabsWithManyControls.zip
* HarbourPWCT_HardDiskSerial.zip

* HarbourPWCT_TabsRightToLeft.zip
* HarbourPWCT_TodayDate.zip

4 - When you run the application then change the active visual programming language, no Save Changes message will appears


I have already released PWCT 1.9 (Art) Rev. 2014.11.12

In this update, the IntelliSense feature will work across all of the project files (*.ssf) in the same folder
This helps a lot to work faster and generate new steps quickly
To make a balance between the advantages of this powerful feature and the performance, the intellisense information will be cached in a file called pwct_project.isense
This file will be refreshed one time every day when you modify your project
Also you can do an urgent refresh if you want the changes in other files in the project to be directly reflected in the current file when you use the IntelliSense feature

The next screen shot presents the use of this feature in a project that I'm working on
using CPWCT during the last 15 months

Changed : creating new file, default name is not upper case
Changed : Goal Designer, when we edit the step name, two spaces are added
Fixed : A problem in config files processing when we change the batch file that build the application
Fixed : After Generating code, when closing PWCT, the user is asked to save changes!
Added : CPWCT : component : Code Block

HarbourPWCT - New Samples :-
1 - HarbourPWCT_CopyArray.zip
2 - HarbourPWCT_GridAddColumn.zip
3 - HarbourPWCT_ReturnToFirstDayofMonth.zip by Khalid Abid