ActiveX-PolarCryptoLight GUI Application

ActiveX-PolarCryptoLight GUI Application

Postby abarba1953 » Sun Jul 03, 2016 12:14 pm

I have unziped this Sample on my machine:
Windows 10
I have registered a dll.
When I start app (DEMO2) and enter data for key and select a file to encrypt and
then press Encrypt button I receive errors:
Date: 07/03/16 Time: 14:11:21
Error 9377848/0 S_OK: _PASSWORD

Error Details:
Called From: Goal: Main Step: oactivex.password := mykey Resistance: Circuits\Main\Main\Main ( MYENCRYPTION() , 144 )
Called From: Goal: Main Step: Button Properties Resistance: Circuits\Main\Main\Main ( (b)R_DEMO2_18SMART1() , 113 )
Called From: Goal: Main Step: Activate window Resistance: Circuits\Main\Main\Main ( R_DEMO2_18SMART1() , 134 )

I think that samples must have additional info so that we can successfuly start and try application
otherwise ther is no use of this great tool.

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Re: ActiveX-PolarCryptoLight GUI Application

Postby Mahmoud Fayed » Thu Jul 06, 2017 4:06 pm


Check this tutorial :

(1) ... lesson.htm

(2) ... lesson.htm

Download Samples : ... p/download

Run : install.bat

Code: Select all
regsvr32 polarcryptolight.dll

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