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Table of contents

1 - Introduction

2 - Implementation steps

3 - Final Steps Tree

4 - Application during the runtime

1 - Introduction

In this lesson we are going to create simple Hello World application.

2 - Implementation Steps


Fig. (1) Goal Desginer - Steps Tree

Select the step (The First Step)

We will start now new interaction process to generate new steps to our steps tree.

The slow way (Using Mouse):

                1 - Click Interact to open the components browser

                2 - Select the domain (GUI Application)

                3 - Select the component (Show Message)

The fast way (Using Keyboard shortcuts):

                1 - Get the component using its name by typing (Show Message)

                Note : Stop typing when you see the required component is selected


Fig. (2) Component Browser Select the component (Show Message)

After selecting the component click Ok or press ENTER


Fig. (3) Interaction page - Set the properties and enter the required data as in the image above


Fig. (4) Goal Desginer - Final Steps Tree

3 - Final Steps Tree

The First Step

                Show Message "Hello World" Title "WOW" Type: Message Box

4 - Application during the runtime


Fig. (5) Application during the runtime