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Distributing Applications as Executable (*.exe) Files


This feature is required to

·        Get High performance (No compiling time)

·        Protect your source code

·        Distribute an easy to use software


Practical Steps:-


*    Run the application (YourFileName.nova) to get a generated object file (

*    Create new folder (Myapp as example)

*    Copy the generated object file YourFileName.nova.Star to this new folder (Myapp)

*    Copy nova.exe to this new folder (Myapp)

*    Rename YourFileName.nova.Star file to YourApplicationName.Star

*    Rename nova.exe file to YourApplicationName.exe

*    Distribute this new folder (Myapp) to your Customers/Friends

*    What they need is to Run YourApplicationName.exe

*    That is all, Have Fun!!


The idea is simple and clear, when you run Supernova Interpreter (nova.exe)

After renaming it to (YourApplicationName.exe) the interpreter will try to find a file

Carry the name to load and execute.




*    Run Samples\DateAndTime\Flash.nova


*    Create new folder then copy & Nova.exe to this folder


*    Rename to

*    Rename NOVA.exe to Flash.exe

*    Run Flash.exe (No Loading… Message appears, Have Fun!!)